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if u like BSB plese read this :)

Hi everyone, Shala here. Thanks for letting me post here . I am selling 2 BSB home video conert tapes. Here is what they are like. If u have questions let me know .

both tapes are $15 dollars (US and Canada)
this is with S&H included.
$20 for UK and Japan ( cos its a lil far but its with Shipping included)

WESTLIFE and NKOTB coming soon as well! I will ship out 3 days after i recieve ur email! How fast is that! :-)

2 tapes are for sale
1 concert from The Dallas show that was webcast. It's so much fun and it is something I watch all the time. The sound is good, the picture is a lil fuzzy cos it's streched to fit the TV screen from the compiter. It's only $15 dollars and I am SURE u will love it. It's taped in SP form. If u want it in SLP form that's fine too :) ( this was pro shot and the audience can faintly be heard but the guys u can see and hear everything and its fun)

3 diffrent home video concerts. If u saw Millenium and Black and BLUE or missed one of these shows, U WILL LOVE THIS TAPE it's also $15 dollars and I promise it does not dissapoint.
Millenium- home vid . shot, Feb 15,2000 and u get LOTS of closeups of Kevin and Nick! GREAT shots u can see the whole stage and u dont miss anything! GREAT SOUND too!

Black and Blue- (second leg) Albany, NY - June 30,2001 This is a fun concert shot from the side of the stage but OH BOY do u get to see everything and its so close! (Lots of NICK and lots of sillyness) PLUS u can see Leighan and Lee in the audience :) and that's cool to have!

Black and blue-(first leg .. fire shirts yes) New York, NY- February 5, 2001
This is shot from FAR away, but with zoom its nice. I love watching it cos i remember the red flame shirts that they did NOT have in the second leg! boo hoo!

I hope to hear from u soon!
Shala Mishawn
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