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This story has a lot of background, that I thought you guys would like. Lance is from N'Sync and Kevin who you meet later is from BSB. The others will make guest apperences here and there, but please have an open mind. They are PAST relationships with the main Character Ana and are now mostly bad guys.

It's fun.

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Title: To Each Their Own, but we have always called it The Play
Summary: This is a story that my friend and I started writing about 9 years ago. It's grown with our fandom and had many character come and go. It starts with the two Original Characters Katt( the bitch) and Ana (the beauty)

This bit of it that we've put online crosses Star Wars with the X-men. Obi-Wan Kenobie crashes into Earth and is helped by one very odd family. Anakin ties in..and that will blow you away how. It's a story of love and friendship..action and adventure. How would The Force hurt or help a mutant?

Also it's a long one, so only read if you want something to follow. It's a soap opera more then a story..TRUST ME!

Rating: R

Crossovers: StarWars/X-men/Original/and a few odd and ends from our childhood.
Warnings: There is a bit of blood from the crash scene, and will later have LOTS more.
Notes: Please comment! It feeds us fuel to keep going.

The Link:

Also if you want to add the story to your live journal we have one for it.

It will have all the art as well.

Thank you!
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