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Finding Arizona

testing testing testing
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WOOHOOOO -claps-

As soon as I got his call, I went to him as fast as I could. I
knocked on his door, hoping he didn't do anything drastic. Suddenly
the door opened and there he stood with his face red and puffy from
crying.I walked into his arms and shut the door with my foot.

I let him hug me and closed my eyes as he held me,crying. I heard
Aaliyah's 'I Care 4 U' come on the radio. The words she flowed out of
the speakers came to us.

Hey my baby
why you lookin'
so down
seems like you
need lovin'

I led him to the couch and wiped his tears. "What happened?" I
finally asked. "Melissa. I caught her in her bed with some blonde-haired
model guy. She told me I wasn't her type. That she's really into the
beautiful people like her. And that she felt sorry for me so she did
me a favor by dating me. She then told me that by her being with me
she did her good deed for the time being and now she can be with the
guys she normally dates. She left me." He said as he held his head

"I told you her dumb ass wasn't any good! She didn't deserve you!
I'm gonna go pull every strand of hair out her peachy cream head!" I
said pissed,heading for the door. He grabbed me from behind and
pulled me to him. He held me so close that I could feel him
breathe. "Don't Iesha." he whispered agianst my ear. "Just stay with
me." I turned in his arms and looked at his sweet face.

Baby you need
a girl like me
hey my baby tell
me why you cry
take my hand and
wipe the tears
from your eyes

I led him to the couch and we sat down as Aaliyah's words spoke to
him for me. I took his face in my hands and sang the next verse to
him.His eyes looking deep into mine as my voice sang with Aaliyah's.

Can I talk you
comfort you
let you know
(just wanna let you know)
i care 4 u

can i talk to you
(i wanna talk to you)
comfort you
(gotta let you know baby)
let you know
(i wanna let you know)
i care 4 u

He still looked sad as I ran my long brown fingers through his hair.
He took my hair down from the clip attached to my head. His pink
colored hands went through my hair, spreading it around my shoulders.
I got bold and gently pushed him back onto the couch and straddled
his hips. I continued to sing along with the radio as I leaned down
and whispered to his lips as he stared straight into my soul.

Hey sexy baby
why'd your girl
leave you in pain
to let a fine man
like you go, she must
be insane

hey sexy baby
there's no need
to worry
so boy if you
call on me
i'll come in
a hurry

He put his index finger to my lips."Do you mean it? Would you come to
me if I needed you? Wanted you? Desired you?" He said as I watched
him trace the lining of my mouth. I kissed his finger and sighed as I
leaned my cheek into the palm of his hand. "Yes. I've been in love
with you for a long time. But since we were friends I didn't think
you would want to be anything more." I spoke softly as I closed my

He waited for me to open them again and finally smiled. "I've been
waiting to hear you say that to me. I saw you dating those guys like
Will Smith and Tom Cruise, you know the beuatiful people like Melissa
is into. I wanted you to be mine , all mine but knew that would be
selfish. So I was glad you were my best friend. It was better than
not having you in my life at all."He said as he brought my face
closer to his. "I don't know what my life would be like or what I
would do if you were never in my life, Iesha." "Don't worry." I said
giving him a peck on the lips. "You'll never have to know." My lips
connected to his and we shared a deep , passionate kiss as the rest
of the song continued on.

Can I talk to you
(I wanna talk to you)
comfort you
(ooh, baby)
let you know
(i love you, yes i do)
I care 4 u

can i talk to you
(i wanna talk )
comfort you
(give me a chance)
let you know
(wanna let you know)
i care 4 u

His hands roamed all over my back and my butt as the kissed
deepened.Our tongues held each other as we yearned for more. Somehow
I ended up on the bottom and he was now on top. He kissed my neck and I
arched some so he could explore it deeper. He slowed down to give me
butterfly kisses on my neck and throat. He got off me and pulled me
into his arms as he laid down with me facing him while we lay on the
couch still.

Hold on
(hold on)
stay strong
(stay strong)
press on
(press on)
i care 4 u
(i care 4 u)

hold on
(hold on)
stay strong
(stay strong)
press on
(press on for me baby)
i care 4 u

He inhaled my scent of pears and green apples that I always wore. He
looked at me and smiled big."Thank you for finally making me
happy.You always do,Iesha." I took a deep breath and said something
I've been wanting to say for a long time. "No, problem. Your my best
friend and I love you." He looked at me ,searching for the meaning
of those words. "What do you mean, by 'I love you'?" "I mean as
in , 'The best person to fall in love with is your best friend.' I
love you . I'm in love with you. And I'm falling in love with each

He looked at me with those sexy eyes of his and whispered against my
lips. "I feel the same way." We smiled and snuggled closer together
as the song faded off and radio commericals came on. We stayed there
and listened to each other breathe as we started to drift off asleep.
He closed his eyes and whispered to me before drifting off."I love
you , Iesha." I buried my face in his chest as ,I softly spoke to
him. "I love you too, Chris."