Silvered (littlesilvered) wrote in boyband_fanfic,

Hey all!

Hey! I just joined this community and wanted to know if we just start posting stories. I was Cloudy Head on Fanfic.Net before they kicked us out ( though I still post HP and PR stories on that site) and my Backstreet Boys stories included A Tale from the Sherwood, Racing Spirit and Six Months in Hiding. I'm working on a new story and am looking for beta readers. Anybody interested in the job and/or my stuff can go to my site and check it out.

Heads in the Clouds

Anyway, just introducing myself and hoping to share some stories with you guys!

--Cloudy Head

PS If anyone in this group would like thier stuff posted on Heads in the Clouds, please let me know. I'm willing to help those that FF.Net kicked out and don't have sites of their own. I'll take anything, 98 Degrees, NSYNC, Backstreet, you name it. okay byes now!
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