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my bsb fan fic

Hey all. My name is Cat. I'm big into fan fiction and over the past year I have become big into writing it. So I thought this would be a good a place as any to share it. So I hope you guys enjoy my work. If anyone knows of a website I could go to to get this stuff posted that would be awesome. I hope you guys like my story. My Heart Did Time In Siberia...i'll be posting more chapters as they are written.


My Heart Did Time In Siberia




            Howie pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex he shared with his girlfriend of 3 years, Cait.  He noticed her car was no where in sight.  He shrugged figuring she went out with her friends. She was always spending time with them. He parked the car and went upstairs to the 3rd floor, where their apartment was located.  He fumbled trying to find his keys in his pocket. He found them and unlocked the door slowly opening it. He looked around and it was confirmed she was no where in sight. He set down the couple of bags of food he had in his hands.  He noticed a note left by the sink. It had his name on the front.

            Must be Cait telling me where she is. He smiled to himself and opened it. His smile quickly faded. Confusion and wonderment and hurt set in. He dropped the note on the floor stomping on it as he walked to the phone. He quickly dialed Caits number only to hear it go right to voicemail. He ran to the room they shared and saw her part of the closet clear. He looked everywhere. The drawers were empty except for his clothes. He ran to the bathroom. Medicine cabinet empty except for anything of his. He ran back into the kitchen and picked up the note again. He stared at it for a good 10 minutes. He let a tear slide down his cheek.  “I don’t get it” he whispered to himself. The words on the paper kept repeating themselves in his head.


If you wanna talk give me a call



Chapter 1

            “You gotta come. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen you.” Nick was whining into the phone.

I laughed on the other end. “Yea well it’s been a year since I’ve seen all of you.” 

“So I think we should change that don’t you?”



I laughed again. Nick was always such a whiney baby but I was the only one who didn’t get tired of it. “I’ll think about it ok? It’s not an easy thing to decide Nick you should know this.”

“I know I know. But come on you know you want to see us all again.”

“But does everyone want to see me?”

Nick frowned on the other end. He knew I was right. Sure he was dying to see me again, as was AJ, not assuming either they told me. Brian missed me in his own way I guess but me and him were never that close to begin with. Kevin and Howie on the other hand. Well, I broke Howie’s heart a year ago. Leaving without any explanation. Everyone was confused by it.  No one has gotten a straight answer out of me. I’ve been asked numerous times of course but for now I’m keeping it to myself. I will come clean when I feel the time is right. Nick is beginning to get impatient. 

I talk with Nick and AJ numerous times a week. We’ve kept pretty close. They keep it quiet from Howie, but most of all from Kevin. It may have been Howie’s heart that was broken but something broke inside of Kevin as well. I’ve known these guys for a good portion of my life. I’ve been around since the group didn’t even have a name. And this is because I have known Kevin my whole life. He actually baby-sat me a couple times. Yes he is much older than I am.

 It took awhile but after knowing them for so long it was bound to happen. I was bound to get into a relationship with one of them. Everyone knew it would be Howie. From the day we met there was something there. Nick always hoped he would be with me though. A lot of wishful thinking on his part.

Howie was my first everything. Kevin loved seeing us together. After I left, Howie was left hurt but Kevin was left pissed. No one had ever seen Kevin so mad. Nick and AJ cringed hearing the comments he would make about me. They kept it to themselves, not wanting to upset me. I’m still not sure as to what was said. I don’t think I’ll ever find out nor do I really want to.  I’ve tried getting in contact with Kevin but I have never succeeded. Nick knew, and so did I, that if there was anyone I would or could confide my reasoning to leaving it was Kevin. But with him being so enraged, there was no chance of it.

“Cait forget what everyone else would think. I want you here. AJ wants you here. I’m sure Brian does.”

“How’s Kevin?”

Nick stopped mid speech. “Um. He’s good. He seems happy.”

“He won’t be if he sees me. What about Howie?”

My voice got quiet, almost to a whisper whenever I talked about Howie, even just mentioning his name. Nick usually called me on it. Telling me I must still care about him and love him. I tell him that’s awhole lot to get from my voice getting quiet.  “He’s ok. He never really has bounced back. I mean he’s fun and jokes with us but you can always see in his eyes that something isn’t right.”

“Ooooh oh boy…ouch”

“You ok over there?”

“Yea sorry the knife you’re twisting in my heart is hurtin’ bad.”

I knew Nick was giving me a small sympathetic smile. “Sorry little miss sarcasm but you need to know and you know you want to know or you wouldn’t have asked.”


“So. You’re really gonna think about it?”

I sighed. “Why the hell not.”

“Thank you. It’s all I ask for now. I gotta go. I’ll call you soon.”

“Not if I call you first.”

Nick chuckled. “Later Caity-did”

“Bye Nickle”

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