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Chapter 9

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Title: To Each Their Own

Chapter: 9 - The Rape Tango (title stolen from one of the Sara's poems (

Warning: Graphic rape, violence, and much butt kicking. Also lyrics to Michael Buble's Feelin Good are used.

Summary: Ladies and Gents Obi-wan Kenobi finally wakes up from his Coma
Feedback: Pretty please

I know it's been a while, but this is a long one so that will make up for it!

Here is the link to all the other chapters and 9 as well.

Read on and enjoy!

Chapter 9
Boxes and bags tucked away into empty closets. Her room, the masterpiece, could easily define her. It spilled of desire, and ran over with passion.

A large window sat making up one wall. The over look of the city– breathtaking. Down the wall opposite trickled water over smooth stone. Lit lightly at the top with soft, glowing lamps, the stones shimmered with color. Neutral, almost futuristic decor brought modern and nature to collide with industrial style. Dark ebony rocks reflect like mirrors all around the room.

Ana sank into her hideaway; this day brought her so much power that even her insides felt as if they were afire. Power – not even the best Jedi could channel.

The day was coming to a close and everyone was packing for the weekend. Katt would return to her office in D.C. and Remy was definitely ready to take the back allies, both ready to dig their claws into the nightlife. Yet, Ana’s good time involved the swinging jazz clubs and Remy’s the sleazy bar around the corner.

Slowly behind her closed doors, the butterfly closed back inside her silk to only open up again in black. Slender fingers clasped the backless dress–solid black with gloves to match. Her hair swept back, only to cascade down her back. Diamonds taking over her ears and neck. A housewife once again-she burnt that old image with the click of her black stilettos. Anakin, Katt and Remy’s heads snapped towards her, their jaws dropping in surprise.

"Someone else can play babysitter to the Coma," turning for the mirror-plush lips pursed together. "I’m going out."

Katt closed the mouths of the men and only grinned. "I’ll take the children with me to D.C. as far Obi-Wan is concerned, I’ll post men, he should be fine."

Salsa’s roared down the ruby carpet. Trumpets flared into the evening sky. Bodies hot-danced until there were blisters on their feet. The sea of heads turned as she stepped in and Ana felt herself remember was power was. There wasn’t a sway in hips like hers, there wasn’t anyone who could make a man fall in love so fast yet still leave them heartbroken in the same evening.

She knew many eyes followed her throughout the room, but what she didn’t know was one pair she’d rather never see again.

Clear almost ghost-like eyes watched her, and he wandered if this time she’d even know he was like a snake-he charmed his way between the crowds.

He came up behind her, his breath hot on her neck. Hands falling to her hips, "Once again, twice in the same day-we meet." Kevin’s voice was barely above a whisper.

Ana froze but thawed quickly. She soothed the chills of pure disgust with a light breath

"And as I said before...not today," she said her voice rising defiant and strong.

She pushed past him but just as he went to step back, her foot forced his fall. "Your still a pig, Kevin."

His heart was wretchedly torn with bitterness and anger in that moment. There was no way he was going to let her make a fool of him and get away with it. A lifetime spent haunted over that woman, just another face in the crowd, he had become. He thought last time he’d made an impression on her. A brand named Kevin. That fear of him should loom over her still, but he had not heard it in the delicate ring of her voice. Yet, there was nothing but his humiliated face to remember. Tonight he would be given his revenge.


Planes passed them like birds; the busy airport seemed comforting in a strange and lonely way to Katt. It was her home away from home 90% of the time. The bustling travelers passing vigorously by made her feel calm and still within her. Long panels of glass window stretched before her as she watched the men prepare their private jet with so much attention to detail and precision. It was this clinical detachment that made her feel more at home. Emotion had always frightened her deep down, although she had trained herself to face those fears. Reflections stared back at her in the glass, leaving shadows in the force. An overly calm voice interrupted her pondering, and she turned to face the Jedi beside her.
"I do not like leaving my master so unguarded." he drawled in a flat monotone. His eyes carved a path to hers, and she noticed that his reflection in the glass seemed to swallow hers.
"I don’t like it too much either, but I know he’s in good hands," Katt replied trying to ease his mind. "You haven’t any faith in Ana, but I promise will in time."
Anakin sunk into a chair. Already too tired to successfully hide his emotions.
"Honestly, it’s not that I don’t trust her...more that she reminds me of someone else." he said thoughtfully, dropping his shoulder to one side.
Katt turned feeling his gaze upon her. "Then embrace that, don’t let it turn you against her."
"I find it hard to do that."


She spun on her feet, the strangers arms dipping her low, and her leg climbing his thigh as they came back up to meet each other eyes. The music was in time with her heart, pulsating and undulating like a rhythm both primitive and modern. This was no scandalous sex act, or trashy night on the town, this was dancing and feeling her life-blood slowly being restored to her. She had needed this night so badly. How could she not have seen this before?

Her ears still muffled from the blasting trumpets and roar of the crowd. This would definitely be her new nightspot. Shifting on her feet, she didn’t want to admit that her feet hurt a little.

"Lance would have loved..." she stopped her thoughts. Why should she even let those thoughts bother her? Why let him still do that? Her mood sobered quickly and a tiny part of her wanted to return to the club. Her mind went numb on her, leaving her to fight back the memories and the thoughts of his face. Distracted, she didn’t notice the elevator door was already open. She didn’t notice the forced doorway.

She stepped into the loft with a feeling of relief. Shoes tumbled aimlessly across the floor. Remy had left a lighter sitting on an end table and she picked it up, using it to light her candles placed around the room. Disappearing into her room, she returned fully changed into her robe. The silence overcame her. It had been too long since she had an evening alone. "Well, almost alone." she thought to herself her eyes venturing into the medical chamber. She frowned as she noticed that all of his keepers were nowhere in sight. Obi-Wan’s peaceful sleep seemed somehow disturbed. His face was blank-his feature still. Like a cat, he rested almost as if he were ready to explode into life at any moment. His body waited; secretly knowing-but so unable to warn her.

Birds flying high...

Her wrists were ensnared by fingers with the force of iron shackles. Her scream was silenced by his other hand clasped over her mouth as if he’d suffocate her. Kicking, she tried to claw her way away from the intruder, but her body was pinned against the wall, his knee roughly thrusting her legs apart, the robe falling away as she felt the bitter air against her skin. He held her against the wall with one hand and peeled the last remnants of the robe away like ripped wrapping paper. She felt her skin burn with his gaze and with one last effort she flung her body against him, unsettling him. With a desperate sigh of hope, she lurched away and tried to run.

You know how I feel?

His long, thick fingers snaked through her hair, yanking her back off her feet. Angrily he drug her from one end of the room to the other, her body burning on the carpet. His fist connected with her face, and the right side of her face went numb with pain. As his fist came crashing down again, she sunk her teeth into the thin skin stretched across his knuckles causing them to dot with oozing blood. She scrambled away, her heart frantically pounding.

Sun in the sky

Sprinting across the room, she ran for Obi-Wan’s glass door, relieved to see it sliding open in front of her. With a snap of electric bolt age-the lights flickered out-leaving the rooms dark and sinister. The only flickering light, her candles, were once so warm and welcoming, now an ominous warning of danger.

Breeze driftin' on by

Kevin walked towards the room she had entered, slowly, pulling a knife from its hiding place.
"I’m tired of being made the fool," his deep voice purred across the room. "This time, I’ll teach a lesson you won’t forget."

Ana hid behind a random computer by Obi-Wan’s side, trying to stay quiet, but still scanning the room for the light saber. The glass doors slid open on silent hinges and Kevin snaked inside.

You know how I feel

"Well, well, well. So it was a crash-not a meteor shower. How interesting." he smirked walking towards Obi-Wan’s body, "looks about dead to me"

Kevin raised the knife to the oxygen cord connected to Obi-Wan’s mask and he cut through it like it was mere butter.

"Ana, if you don’t come out, I’ll kill him." he rose his hand lifting the blade to Obi-Wan’s neck.
Ana stood, knowing he was not bluffing. Kevin’s hand pulled a small handgun from his back. He lifted it towards her. "Get on your knees."

It's a new dawn

Ana’s whole body boiled with sickness. She narrowed her eyes and spoke softly, "You’re a monster."
His only reply was to cock the gun. She started towards him, her hand lifting to pull the gun away from Kevin. He lifted her whole body with force, and threw her against the glass, his free hand sliding down her body to probe between her legs.

It's a new day

His fingers groped her, thrusting hard and rough inside of her. He pinned her against the glass with his knees and used both of his hands to squeeze her breasts, her own wetness smearing on her nipples. He slid her up against the wall-until her breasts were level with his mouth, and then sucked her right breast into his mouth.

It's a new life

His teeth clenched on to the nipple and tugged it hard between. His tongue massaged the nipple hard, waiting for it to betray her and harden in his mouth. When it did, he clamped down on it and bit her until her breast purpled with bruises.

He undid his pants with her pressed against him, and she whimpered in pain as she felt the hard length of him against her aching body.

"No..please..don’t" she begged.

Ana’s body went numb–her whole existence drifting somewhere above her head. Her eyes glazed over, blocking out the pain and shame and disgrace. All was lost-this man who’d raped her before, was going to do it again. And there wasn’t a thing anyone could do about it. He shoved her down in the floor, his iron hands jerking her legs apart and sliding into her. She hated his dick, abnormally large that seemed to fill up all the space in her, until she was sure that there was no more room for any thing else. He moved inside of her, pushing until her back arched with pain and hatred. Her screams and whimpers of pain mingled with the tears she couldn’t keep from falling.

For me

"You are such an ugly cunt. You aren’t even worth fucking anymore." he growled, slapping her across the face. She nodded her agreement and he hit her again.
"Tell me you love this-tell me you want me to fuck you everyday," he laughed harshly, as he watched her contort in agony below him.

And I’m feeling…good.

His next sentence was cut off-by the sheer force of something crashing into the side of his head.
Shattering glass rang out as Kevin’s body made contact. The shards of clear crystal almost stood still in time a moment before the came raining down.

Ana, who lay still, and completely motionless with shock. She was lifted, almost tenderly in the air, and moved to the other side of the room by a force she could not comprehend. She levitated slowly, spiraling in the air, her long hair tumbling over her shoulders covering her breasts. Obi-wan moved her gently, nestling her like a feather on the floor on the other side of the room. Kevin had recovered by this time and was moving rapidly towards them. Obi-Wan’s light saber sang to life-the blue blade whirling in the room.

From her hiding spot, Ana could see his reflection-brown robes covering his arms–the blade a seeming extension of fluid and graceful movements. He had looked so frail in sickness, but now he seemed to pulsing and humming with energy and life. She watched in awe as Kevin fired round after round of the handgun, only to have the bullets caught and melted into sheer liquid by the blue flare.

She watched Kevin scramble backwards pants still to his knees, only to be followed by Obi-Wan’s defiant walk. Ana, who had watched him carefully, could see he was in pain, but otherwise it would have been impossible to tell by the grace of his movements.

Kevin soon sat in the elevator floor, half-naked and bleeding. Obi-Wan’s eyes hard and blue not once moved from Kevin’s own, scared green. Panting he trembled, "Please don’t kill me"
"Say you are sorry," Obi-Wan demanded. "Tell her you are sorry, and you’ll never come around here again." he said his voice rich and dangerous.

Kevin stood to move towards Ana but was stopped by the singing beam of light. "She can hear you from here."

Kevin swallowed hard, "Ana, I’m so very sorry...Please." he began.
Ana was so overwhelmed that she said nothing, just stared in pain and confusion, and then her body raged against him.

"Get out-get out...never come back. I hope you get fucking cancer..I hope you die. I hope you...just get out" she rambled her mind breaking a little as he stared at her naked body. Obi-Wan’s foot sent Kevin crashing into the elevator, the door closing and sending him down to the first floor.

A wave of dizziness came crashing into Obi-Wan as soon as Kevin was gone. He lifted a hand to his bandages around his forehead and his eyes tried to focus. He sensed her fear, the pain she felt. He could feel her heart pounding. He stepped over to the breaker box, flooding the room with light. Slowly, even though pain shot up his body, he made his way into the room where she sat curled tightly into a ball, her hair covering her nudity. He stood opposite her; his feet shoulder length apart.

"He is gone, M’Lady," he spoke carefully and assuring, trying to coax her from hiding. "Now if you don’t mind," he paused removing his robe from his back, realizing his arm was broken, then wondering what other surprises about his body he would find. Extending his arm out toward her, he offered his robe to her.

She just turned her head in shame. He inched his way to her, opening the robe to fall gently around her. She flinched and moved a little further. Kneeling beside her as the robe surrounded her, he spoke calmly.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to know where I am at the present time and who you are. So I am going to step out there, when you feel ready, I would be very delighted if you’d join me," He wanted so hard to reach out and embrace her. He wanted to calm her, use his power to take away her pain but it would not be his place.

Within moments of his departure Ana was struggling to pull herself together. "Damn him-damn him-," she stuttered to herself and pulled the brown robes around her, which wrapped delicately around her curves. Standing, she was surprised to find the robe tumbling to her ankles. The warmth surrounded her, filling her with a comfort she could not understand. She felt herself wanting more and clung to the feeling. Yet not even the Jedi robes could get rid of the way she felt.

Moments seemed like hours for Obi-Wan. His head pounded while he sat waiting. His body grew cold and his stomach churned. He began to feel sick from the pain and looked around for a wastebasket. He soon found himself doubled over it.

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